Mad Madz hot sauce

Mad Madz Hotsauce is DIY Hot Sauce company by Millencolin guitarist Mathias Färm

Liquorice Long Shot!

The new tasty offspring from Mad Madz. 

A Rasberry and Liquorice fusion mixed with Capsicum Annuumin creates a sensational fruit bomb. There's a new guy in town...

Chipotle Cheap Shot!

This is it, the "El Jefe" of them all. Stuffed with Habanero, Chipotle and Peaches.

Don't mess with the El Jefe!

Habanero Hot Shot!

This tropical sensation is packed with yellow Habanero, dutch peppers and pineapple. Perfect for that taco feast, hamburger or whatever U need to spice up.

Jalapeno Holeshot!

The little bro' of the famous Habanero Hot Shot. A well balanced, super tasty Jalapeno sauce. This could be your best new friend!

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